Facebook (finally) Closes Account of Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah Party

After years of murderous incitement, Facebook closes down Fatah, Israel’s ‘moderate’ peace partner

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Facebook has finally closed the account of the Palestinian Authority’s “moderate” ruling party, Fatah.

That comes after years of posts inciting murderous violence against Israeli Jews.

Facebook has launched a new campaign to purge pages that promote violence.

A spokesman for Fatah told The Jerusalem Post that his party’s account was closed due to a single photograph of Yasser Arafat holding a rifle.

Never mind the thousands of posts glorifying terrorism and calling for the blood of Jews.

Just last year, Fatah posted on Facebook boasting that over the years it had killed 11,000 Israelis, far more than any other Palestinian group.

And Fatah thinks it was removed from Facebook over a photo of Arafat holding a rifle.

Folks, this is the sort Israel is dealing with in this farce of a peace process.

PHOTO: Serge Attal/FLASH90

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