MembersFather of ‘Islamic Bomb’ Dies as Israel Threatens Decisive Action Against Iran

PM Bennett stresses to American, European leaders that they must do something, that Israel cannot wait any longer

By Yochanan Visser | | Topics: Iran
Pakistanis mark the passing of the "Father of the Islamic Atomic Bomb." Photo: EPA-EFE/REHAN KHAN

Nuclear scientist Abdul Qadeer Khan, the father of the “Islamic atomic bomb,” died this week in Pakistan. It’s still to this day known as the “Islamic atomic bomb” because Pakistan remains the only Muslim nation to have attained an arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Khan died from the effects of the coronavirus at the age of 85.

His death came a day before outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett warned in a joint press conference in Jerusalem of the rapid progress of Iran’s nuclear weapons program (more on that later).

One could also call Khan the stepfather of North Korea’s atomic bomb and also of Iran’s nuclear program that is now gaining momentum rapidly.

Khan traveled 17 times to North Korea to help the rogue regime there develop the bomb.

The Pakistani engineer also sold the blueprints of the P-1 centrifuge to Iran, which has been developing nuclear weapons since 1987 and is now dangerously close to breakout capability.

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