Schneider Aviel

MembersFeelings Are More Important Than Facts

I realized many years ago that facts have become practically meaningless.

ANOTHER POINT OF VIEW: Jews and Arabs coexist peacefully in Jerusalem but it is rarely reported Photo: Abir Sultan/Flash90

It came to me as I watched the Palestinians control the media with pictures and scenes that stir people’s emotions, while Israel tries to fight back with facts. We often discuss this at our editorial offices here in Jerusalem. How can we get the truth out about what is really going on in Israel if people are not interested or convinced by the facts but are only moved by feelings?


I would not be surprised to find new words added to the dictionary this year describing the era we live in as “post-truth” or “post-fact.” Truth, facts and evidence are no longer central to political thinking and decisions or how to discern right from wrong.


A good example of this is the debate going on in the media and politics about “fake news.” But just as dangerous as deliberately spreading fake or false...

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