Finally, a Vaccine We Can All Agree On

A recipe to heal what really ails us

Photo: Miriam Alster/Flash90

Israel, my beloved land

I must admit it’s a land of dramas.
There’s not a single boring moment here.
As soon as one saga ends, and sometimes even before,
Another sneaks up and starts.

I wonder if this is simply what has been decreed for this land?
But then on second thought, maybe everything is simply about choices.
Good and evil are always there!
The choice is always ours! Whether for good or for bad.
And this is also what will calm or intensify the drama.

In recent weeks I have felt
That hatred is actually the real pandemic
To be stopped, to be fought.
We must find a vaccine.

How did they find a vaccine for Corona in less than a year?!
But for hatred, the real pandemic, mankind has not found the solution for 5,000 years?!

HATE is the plague from which we should be shut up in our homes,
In isolation from each other.
For which we could wear masks, until losing our senses
That way we won’t see, hear, or feel. Won’t even know one another.

And how would we know if the pandemic was over?
When a small memory shines at the great fainting masses.

To remind us of only one mitzvah,
The one written in all the bibles of all cultures.
Thou shalt love!!!
What’s not clear about that?

So I sat down and thought up a vaccine,
And I am happy to put here before you – an addictive love recipe:
A recipe for a vaccine against hatred.

Volunteers prepare food packages that are distributed to people and families in need 

To prepare this recipe, your own home “lab” will definitely suffice.
It’s simple to prepare. Anyone can make it on their own (almost) effortlessly.
The only real preparation is required when putting all the ingredients together.

These ingredients do not need to be bought anywhere.
They’re in every home if we would only give them room.

Recipe for a shot of love

  • A handful of Compassion
  • A sprinkle of Accommodation
  • A cup of Hope
  • A bundle of Faith
  • A pinch of Self-acceptance

If you have more good ideas to add variety and improve the taste,
Feel free to add as you like and even share with us.

All ingredients should be mixed well,
No need for cooking nor cooling.
It can also be prepared and used on Shabbat on a holiday and even on a fasting day.

No syringe or jab required.
This vaccine caresses and soothes.
It fills the body and mind with wholeness.

Tel Aviv

There are side effects:

  • It expands the chambers of the heart. But don’t worry. It can be used daily and preferably even several times a day.
  • You will soon become addicted, but don’t worry. This recipe helps prolong and improve life.

And feel free to share it.

The mark of love will be displayed on all users.
Allowing you to roam the world freely.
And may all who don’t use this vaccine stay in isolation.


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