MembersFinding Faith and Purpose in a Digital World

I am part of a Messianic Jewish leadership network where we learned the hard way that communicating exclusively through emails and texts can be dangerous.

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Are we losing the ability of interpersonal communication?
Are we losing the ability of interpersonal communication? Photo: Gili Yaari/Flash90

Let’s be honest. We are living through one of the greatest revolutions in history, with sweeping changes that have altered the way we live, think and believe, and many of us are left feeling alienated, frustrated and concerned about what we have lost.

And while many of us perceive that the new digital technologies have something to do with the uncertainty, it is not always clear just what the problem is.

Simply put, these new digital technologies have transformed the way we communicate, and communication is key to all we do, think and how we live. Before getting into how the new ways of communication are changing our world, let’s look at why communications are so important.


It’s not only words

Communicating with words is by far the most potent, natural, God-given ability to man. God Himself had to limit the powers inherent in our ability to use words to cooperate when the peoples of earth spoke the same language, enabling them to build a tower at Babel that...

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