For the first time, the Palestinians have more diplomatic missions than Israel

The Palestinian Authority has more diplomatic missions than Israel around the world.

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In light of the damage to the Israeli Foreign Service and the closing of embassies – for the first time since the establishment of the State, the Palestinian Authority has more diplomatic missions from Israel around the world.

The Palestinian Authority has 98 embassies, consulates and other diplomatic missions in 95 countries. In addition, they have 5 missions to international organizations, a total of 103 active diplomatic missions.

Israel closed four representative offices last year (the embassy in El Salvador, the Consulate General in Marseilles, the Consulate General in Philadelphia and the Israeli Embassy to the Caribbean) and now has 98 embassies, consulates and other diplomatic missions in 78 countries.


This means that the State of Israel is lagging behind the Palestinians in the number of countries in which it is represented: the Palestinians are deployed in 95 countries while Israel is deployed in only 78 countries. And they lead Israel in the number of missions: 103 to the Palestinians versus 102 to Israel.

And if that is not enough: Turkey has 223 representative offices in the world; Egypt has 166 representations; Iran, 142; To Morocco; Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Arabia 108. The Arab League and Iran have 1941 representative offices compared with Israel’s 102.

Hanan Goder, chairman of the Foreign Ministry’s workers’ committee, said in response: “I say that the time has come for the State of Israel to understand: every embassy is facing challenges at foreign relations. The more positions there are – the stronger the line of defense. The State of Israel needs to reach every possible place in the world.”

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