For us, Israel is more than a search term

Now suddenly everyone is writing about Israel. The media sees the war between Israel and Hamas as a means to increase readership. But Israel Today is always there for you, in good times and bad.

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: Gaza, Hamas
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Now everyone is writing about Israel. Now everyone thinks they know what is best for Israel. Instructions are now coming from all directions as to how proportionally Israel should act toward the Palestinians. Everyone only knows one topic right now: Israel. Israel only receives this level of attention when things explode here in the country. The media is filled with coverage of the war between Israel and Gaza. In the foreign media, these monster terrorists are still largely euphemistically referred to as Hamas “activists.”

Israel/Hamas/Gaza Strip/Hell/Palestinians and other related “keywords” are currently among the most frequently chosen search terms in the largest search engines on the Internet.

The Russian attack on Ukraine on February 24, 2022 led to the expression “turning point” being chosen as “Word of the Year” in Germany. In 2020, it was “corona pandemic.” We won’t be surprised if the top phrase for 2023 is something related to the current war in the Middle East triggered by the terrible massacre on October 7th in the south of Israel.

The media writes and reports about Israel because this generates unexpectedly high traffic on the respective websites. People are hungry to know how Israelis and Palestinians “shoot” each other.

The majority of those currently interested who do “research” by entering the aforementioned keywords in the relevant Internet search engines are unlikely to be considered friends of Israel. On the contrary, for many people it is now simply a matter of seeing their entrenched prejudices confirmed by one-sided reporting on the situation in the Middle East. Most websites and media are biased, if not negative, toward Israel. The longer the war drags on in the south of Israel or even if it spreads into a multi-front war, the more Israel will be criticized by such media. Readers who search for authentic information about Israel on the Internet sometimes run the risk of being manipulated by media that only see the current war as a springboard to increase their readership, because their main aim is to cater to people’s desire for sensationalism. To counteract this, there is

This is exactly what makes the difference between our Israel Today editorial team and other media outlets.

We are the only independent faith-based editorial team here, right in Jerusalem, at the center of the action. We don’t just report what others leave out, we inform our readers competently, objectively and professionally, both in good times and bad, in “exciting” times and quiet. We are always there for our readers because Israel’s existence matters and we report on it around the clock. We not only write, but we live here, work here and defend the country here with “ink and pen.” Over the years we have not only provided facts and information, but also described and conveyed the feelings of the people. Israel has a biblical, a divine calling, an existential meaning for the world and that is why terrorists like Hamas and entire nations want to destroy Zion. That’s why we’re now at war again. The biblical promises have political consequences. We recognize this and have been writing about it for many years.

Israel is THE search term in the Bible, THE keyword, and that is our concern at Israel Today in Jerusalem. Search in the search engines, link to other people, support our Israel Today Telegram channel and most importantly, become a member so you can better stay informed and pray informed. Either way, we will always be your loyal and faithful “spies in the land” and unto the LORD.