By Ludwig Schneider |
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Photo: Flash 90

In response to overwhelming reader requests we have decided to publish a number of older articles by the founder of Israel Today, Ludwig Schneider. While most of these pieces were originally published years ago, they have not lost any of their topical relevance.

God created the heavens and the earth. He spoke, and it was done. It was sufficient that God spoke just one word, a breath from His mouth created everything – from the ants to the universe. The further we penetrate scientifically into the totality of creation, the more mysterious and huge the One who is behind it all becomes. Anyone wishing to see the mystery of the Milky Way need only to gaze at a flower or an insect, for they have one and the same Creator. God created everything with just one word! One word was sufficient for everything!

Once, God said, in His unfathomable way, that His word was not sufficient – and so He swore an oath. But how can God swear an oath? After all, one can only swear an oath by...

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