Hamas sacrifices its children

The obsessed Hamas terrorists are free to use any means, including those against their own civilian population.

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: Hamas, Gaza
Palestinians leave their homes in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, in Gaza City, on October 13, 2023. Photo: Atia Mohammed/Flash90
Palestinians leave their homes in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, in Gaza City, on October 13, 2023. Photo: Atia Mohammed/Flash90

“Peace with the Arabs will only come when they love their children more than they hate us,” said Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir 50 years ago. Hamas hates Israel so much that they do not love their children, and is ready to sacrifice them for the sole purpose of destroying Israel. What is happening now in Gaza is exactly that.

The flight of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from the northern Gaza Strip is viewed by Palestinians as a new Nakba (catastrophe) and compared to the Nakba of 1948. At that time, 700,000 Palestinians fled Israel because they were called on by Arab nations to move out of the way of invading Arab forces. After the destruction of Israel, they were supposed to return, but this plan went wrong. Over the past two days, Israel has used all possible means to warn Palestinian civilians to urgently leave the northern district of the Gaza Strip to save their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Hamas doesn’t care how many Palestinians die for its cause. The terrorist regime in the Gaza Strip is entrenching itself beneath the hospitals in the city of Gaza, in underground tunnels, and that is why Hamas is slowing down the evacuation of the hospitals.

In Israel, the government’s top priority is protecting its people. Not so with Hamas, which sacrificed the Gaza Strip for its terrorist successes, and is thus not impressed by Israel’s calls. It even makes it more difficult to evacuate residents of the north to the south and repeatedly claims that Israel is bombing refugee convoys, which is absolute fake news. Hamas points to Israeli attacks in southern Gaza to make clear that fleeing south does not provide protection.

Hamas’ surprise victory in the first round of war on Shabbat morning October 7 will not only mark the end of the Muslim Brotherhood’s brutal rule in the Gaza Strip, but will also be a major humanitarian disaster for the people of the Gaza Strip. Even before the Israeli ground invasion began, the UN reported around half a million Palestinians who had fled, as well as enormous destruction and a high number of deaths, more than 2,300 Palestinians dead and thousands wounded. Even if this war ends, it is doubtful whether the hundreds of thousands of new refugees will be able to return anywhere.

“Tens of thousands of soldiers are expected to take part in the planned ground invasion of the Gaza Strip in the next few days,” three senior IDF officers told the New York Times. According to the report, the purpose of the invasion is to completely destroy the Hamas control in Gaza, politically and militarily. According to the American newspaper’s report, the Israeli officers, whose names were not disclosed, did not provide classified details about Israel’s ground attack plan. According to them, the ground operation is expected to be the largest since Israel invaded Lebanon in 2006.

Hamas uses its own people as a human shield, and therefore calls on civilians to stay in their homes in order to make the Israeli invasion more difficult, which of course will also result in a high Palestinian casualty rate, which always helps in propaganda against Israel.

Meanwhile, Hamas is preparing for Israel’s ground attack in the Gaza Strip. What the Hamas regime has not accepted is the absolute and complete consensus in Israeli society to destroy Hamas once and for all. Hamas assumed that the government in Israel would not find support for a large-scale ground operation given its precarious political situation at present. Of course, Hamas wanted to carry out the surprise attack now, for the simple reason that they were sure that a large part of Israel’s population would refuse to show up for reserve duty because of their objection to judicial reform. Hamas truly believed that Israel’s fighter pilots, who until a week ago publicly canceled their voluntary reserve service, would also keep their word. But since last Saturday, these fighter pilots have been bombing the Gaza Strip around the clock.

Even the left-liberal Meretz lawmaker Yair Golan, who was criticized in Israel for calling for a civil uprising judicial reform, took up arms with his friends on Shabbat morning and raced to the south and heroically freed Israeli citizens in a kibbutz.

Those who previously cursed him as a traitor and anarchist on social media have now publicly apologized to Yair Golan, even Berale Krombi, who was responsible for the right-wing protests for Bibi. Hamas did not take the spirit of Israeli society into account. Not only has an emergency government been formed, but Israel is also receiving international support from the United States and European countries. Although thousands of Muslim citizens in Europe went out to support Hamas, their governments give full support to Israel.

Another critical point for Hamas in planning the attack was the assumption that the group would receive support from Hezbollah if a real threat loomed over Hamas’ rule. However, aggressive American intervention and the deployment of a US naval fleet and two aircraft carriers to the region could cause Iran to reconsider its moves before giving Hezbollah the green light to attack Israel. Hamas is risking everything to destroy Israel, and those who will pay the worst price on their side are their own civilians. This will ultimately play out against Israel, because in the long run the world will have no patience with Israel.


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  1. Matthew Grant says:

    Praying that Jesus would supernaturally convert the Gazans, dreams visions etc of the Man in White.

    Why doesn’t the IDF just slowly flood the Gazan tunnels with sea water? Would get Hammas out from their hidey holes…..

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