Hamas’s living props

For Hamas, the hospitals of Gaza are just a backdrop for war.

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: Gaza, Hamas
Palestinians in front of a hospital in Gaza. Image: EPA-EFE/MOHAMMED SABER
Palestinians in front of a hospital in Gaza. Image: EPA-EFE/MOHAMMED SABER

Without human shields, Hamas is weak. This is why Hamas has actively discouraged Palestinians from moving to safer areas such as the south. Because with this Hamas loses its ability to survive! But how long can you keep a lie going? Now the Palestinians are shocked! The Saudi news channel Al-Arabiya exposes the lies of the terrorist Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip. What we and others have been reporting for a long time has also been acknowledged by the Arab media in recent weeks: the Hamas terrorists are using their own civilian population as a protective shield. Especially on days like today, when Israeli forces have surrounded four hospitals in Gaza, including Shifa, Nasser and Rantisi hospitals. Massive fighting was reported at Shifa Hospital and other hospitals on Friday afternoon.

The Israeli soldiers aren’t after the Palestinian patients who lie helpless on their hospital beds. Every normal person understands this, except those who hate Israel and the Jews and propagate hateful propaganda.

A commentator from Al-Arabiya reported what is really happening in the Gaza Strip, underground, under the Palestinian hospitals. “This area under Shifa Hospital is the central command center of the Hamas leadership,” the Saudi said into the camera, explaining with a detailed map.

In doing so, he confirmed the Israeli narrative that Hamas terrorists are using Palestinian children and civilians as human shields for terrorist purposes. The criticism didn’t take long to arrive and the Palestinians accused Al-Arabiya of treason. “See how the Arabic channel Al-Arabiya spreads the occupiers’ lies and justifies their crimes in the Gaza Strip,” the Palestinian media said.

The day before yesterday, Israeli army spokesman Brigadier General Daniel Hagari, in a special statement to foreign media, presented significant evidence of Hamas’s systematic exploitation of hospitals in the Gaza Strip as terrorist infrastructure. He presented a video showing the discovery of underground infrastructure in the Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani Hospital run by Hamas. Hagari also presented graphic plans of the terror headquarters in and under the Indonesian hospital, as well as an audio recording between a staff member and Hamas terrorists asking about and demanding the existence of fuel tanks in the hospital.

Hagari also showed evidence that the Indonesian-funded hospital in Beit Lahia, inaugurated in 2016, was built on Hamas’s terrorist infrastructure. “Before the hospital was built, there were underground terrorist facilities there,” Hagari said. He pointed to a rocket launch pad about 75 meters from the hospital. “Hamas fires rockets at Israel 75 meters from a hospital,” emphasized Hagari.

IDF Spokesperson

The evidence from the Qatari and Indonesian hospitals supports arguments already made in relation to Shifa Hospital, the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip, that Hamas is using these medical centers for terrorist purposes and their patients and staff as human shields. Hamas’s headquarters are located beneath the huge Shifa complex in central Gaza. “Hamas is hiding behind hospitals and their patients, to hide their war machine,” Hagari said. “We will not tolerate Hamas’s cynical use of hospitals to hide its terrorist infrastructure. That must end. It’s a war crime. All terrorist infrastructures are located in close proximity to civilian facilities such as schools, kindergartens, clinics and mosques. This is further evidence that the terrorist organization is using Gaza residents as human shields for its murderous terrorist activities.”

And now that Israeli troops have surrounded the terrorist command area in central Gaza, including several hospitals, Hamas terrorists can no longer really prevent the escape of Palestinian civilians because they now have to hide underground. The Palestinians can now flee to the south with their hands raised and waving white flags.

The photos and videos of a Palestinian mass exodus to the south are already being interpreted in the Palestinian media as a kind of surrender. Not only that, but Arab governments such as those in Egypt, Jordan, Syria and even Lebanon have no compassion for the Palestinian civilian population. None of them have yet opened the borders to the Palestinians, and that alone raises questions. In addition, Palestinian networks accuse all governments of collaborating with the so-called “Zionist regime” against Hamas. This is true. Arab governments are simply fed up with the Hamas regime.


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