“HaTachana” – The first railway station in the Middle East

The Jaffa Railway Station, the first station in the Middle East, was inaugurated in 1891.

By Israel Today Staff |

It was built as part of the development to connect the coastal plain with Jerusalem. The first train traversed the line in 1892. Jaffa’s old station was in operation until 1948, and the Jerusalem station operated for another 50 years. Between 2005 and 2009, the railway station in Jaffa was restored and converted into a leisure center with boutiques and cafes. Today, the station is known as “HaTachana” (The Station) and has become a popular destination.

The old Jerusalem train station was also renovated and restored and reopened as an amusement complex in 2013. The complex in Jerusalem is known as “HaMitcham HaTachana” (The first Station).

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