Heavenly Precious Fragrances in the Light of the Present Day

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By Israel Today Staff |

Fragrances have always been part of the human experience and the Israelite experience. A large number of ancient texts advocate the use of sandalwood, rose, myrrh, ginger, coriander, and others. The Hebrews used aromatic substances for purification. Biblical rites had special fragrances, including annointing oil and incense.The Bible describes over 33 different essential oils and aromatic plants and over 1000 different uses.

In Genesis, what was one of the first things God did? He created fragrant plants in the Garden of Eden. Genesis speaks of how God designed this beautiful, fragrant garden for people.

Why not make yourself or your loved ones a heavenly, fragrant pleasure!

Balm Perfume

The perfume is based on a unique blend of authentic plants from the Bible.


For Her: “Essence of Jerusalem” Fragrance 30 ml

Made from 90 local herbs, flowering and aromatic plants.


For Him: “Essence of Jerusalem” Fragrance 30 ml


“Bride’s Garden” Fragrance 30ml

An incomparable, fresh and floral fragrance that you will love. For her.


“King of Kings” Fragrance 30ml

A royal, golden-fresh fragrance that is stunning! For him.


Ein Gedi Fragrance “Lion of Judah” 100 ml

With impressive, biblical aromas of the Holy Land.


Ein Gedi Fragrance “King David” 100 ml

Lovely, fresh and smart fragrance for HIM.


“Queen of Sheba” Perfume  50ml

Warm floral, fresh and lovely fragrance for HER.


“King David” Perfume 50ml

Heavenly fresh, fragrant!

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