Hope is Not Yet Lost: Hatikvah in the Arab World Hadas Parush/Flash90
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Hope is Not Yet Lost: Hatikvah in the Arab World

Many have bought the lie that Israel’s national anthem tells Jews to spill Arab blood


Tsionit Fattal Kuperwasser’s column this week in the Hebrew-language daily Israel Hayom draws attention to a popular Arabic version of Israel’s national anthem, Hatikvah. 

This phony version of Hatikvah first appeared back in 2017, but a recent viral Facebook post by an Algerian going by the name of Ratiba demonstrates that a great many Arabs actually believe that Israel’s national anthem calls on Jews to murder Muslims. 

The Arabic version of Hatikvah in question goes something like this:


As long as in the heart A Jewish soul still yearns Eastward Our Hope is not yet lost Our thousand-year dream of our land The land of Zion and Jerusalem Of our enemies trembling That every dweller of Canaan tremble Every dweller of (Babylon) tremble Of panic and horror in their heavens With our spears thrusting into their chests We shall see their blood spill And their heads decapitated Just as the One Allah Just as (their) Allah willed.