MembersHow Can Religion Find Meaning in a World Without Truth?

Part 5 on figuring out why we think the way we do and what to do about it

By Solomon Kirsch | | Topics: Religion Meets Philosophy
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Modern life poses new and challenging questions for those of us trying to hold on to a faith-based lifestyle. For if we are not content just following the group we are a part of, or call into question the ‘absolute’ truths and dogmatic authority of religious institutions, what are we left with? And, if we are still drawn to spirituality and meaning in religious traditions — how are they relevant for today? And an even more perplexing question — in spite of our doubts and cynicism where does this yearning for traditional religion come from if not the very religious institutions we do not fully trust?

Big questions that an entire generation are asking in a post-modern world.

Back in the 19th Century, Danish Christian theologian Soren Kierkegaard looked for answers to the paradoxes in religion and ambiguities in life that modern man faces in a stream of thought known as Religious Existentialism. That is, finding meaning in faith in the trenches of skeptical existential modernism.

According to Existentialism, the fact of our existence, or the nature of...

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