Jewish believers were made into enemies to foil the Good News. Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash 90.

How Fake News Labeled Jews Who Believe in Jesus as Not Jewish

It’s time to end the fake news, defeat this 2,000-year-old diabolical plot, and remove the veil


There was a plot using fake news to prevent the faith in Jesus as the Messiah from spreading among the Jewish people. And it worked. Until this day, the exact same false narrative is being used to prevent the Jewish people from even considering the Messianic claims of Jesus.

With profound prophetic insight into how effective and far-reaching this fake news plot to blind the eyes of Jews was to become, Luke spends most of the final chapters of the Book of Acts describing how the Apostle Paul addressed this false narrative being spread by some religious Jews who opposed Jesus.

The strategy was simple.

Accuse the Jewish followers of Jesus of preaching against Moses, the Torah, the Temple, Jewish traditions and the Jewish nation. In other words, anything Jewish, and thus turn the Jews who believe in Jesus into enemies of the state.

We learn early on how the plot begins to unfold. “They (Jewish leadership) prompted some men to say, ‘We heard Stephen speak words of blasphemy against Moses and against God.’ They stirred up the...