MembersHow Should Israel Respond to a Nuclear Iran?

“The reality is that everybody knows that Iran is on the path to a nuclear weapon.” Israel Today speaks with top Middle East experts

By Rachel Avraham | | Topics: Iran
Photo: Miriam Alster/Flash90

According to a recent Israel Democracy Institute poll, 61% of Israeli Jews view Iran to be an existential threat and 58% support an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities even without a green light from the Biden Administration. This comes as Likud MK Nir Barkat claimed that the time-frame for Iran obtaining an operational nuclear weapon is within the next 2 to 3 years. Some commentators claim that Iran will obtain the raw material needed to build a nuclear weapon much sooner than that.

The question remains, how should the State of Israel respond to Iran almost having what it needs to start building a nuclear bomb? Israel Today consulted with several Middle East experts to examine the best way Israel can respond to the present crisis.

Manel Msalmi, an advisor at the European Parliament, stated: “I believe that we should be firm regarding a nuclear Iran. The Iranian regime violates all international treaties as well as human rights and minority rights. We have witnessed...

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