MembersHow Tova’s Great Pain Turned Into Great Good

An exclusive Israel Today interview with a woman whose profession can only be described as holy

By Anat Schneider |
Tova (left) provides comfort and accompaniment to one of her patients. Photo: Courtesy

Some people’s chosen professional occupation is no less than a sacred mission!

So it is with Tova.

We can see her destiny embodied already within her name. Tova means “good” in Hebrew. Her chosen profession is treating and working with people who are suffering the pains of dying (chaplaincy / “spiritual care”). In order to do such work, you actually have to go through pain and understand what pain is.

Indeed, when you hear Tova’s extraordinary story you will understand how and why she chose such a profession.

The great devotion and love that is born between her and her patients testifies to the degree of grace and mercy operating in her. Tova was born in Haifa. Her life forced her to go through and experience almost constant difficulty.

Her mother became seriously ill when Tova was 6, and died when Tova was 9.

Her father and older sister (6 years older) took care of her, until the moment her father remarried.

When she was 12, her father brought into their home a stepmother who met all the criteria and stereotypes we...

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