I can’t complain! answered Laura Rusk – AKA 79564

A now-94-year-old Israeli woman tells her harrowing tale of surviving several Nazi death camps during the Holocaust

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Laura Rusk – AKA 79564 – witnessed hundreds of people at a time being herded to the “shower building” in Birkenau.

It was not long before it was her turn. As she was escorted to her impending doom, “inmate 79564” was called out over the loudspeakers. Being a political prisoner she had earned a temporary reprieve.

She was interrogated regarding her escape from Peterswaldau. The SS officers seemed impressed at her daring and courage. And then the fateful question was asked of the, by now, 22-year-old blonde blue-eyed young lady. “How do you like Auschwitz?” she was asked.

She immediately knew that life and death hung in the balance of her answer. “I can’t complain!” she answered.

The full article will appear in the June 2016 issue of Israel Today Magazine.
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