IMPORTANT! Palestinian Christian Speaks Out on Wave of Terror

When news becomes lies in times of unrest, we must use our brains and seek out real truth and justice

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The following is a brief response to the wave of anti-Jewish terror now engulfing Israel and how Palestinian society is relating to it. This post is important because of who wrote it. It was penned by “Matthew”, our Palestinian Christian brother whose true identity must be concealed for obvious security reasons.

The original title of “Matthew’s” article as submitted to Israel Today was “When News Becomes Lies”

Perhaps you were unable to discern what I want to say from the title (“When News Becomes Lies”). To understand my articles and my perspective, you need to know a little about me and my background.

I am a young Palestinian man, living in the Palestinian-controlled territories. Until recently, I hated Israel and the Jews as much as anyone could. I used to rejoice every time I heard that Jews had been killed.

But God changed my heart, and through the love of Christ, I now love the Jewish people. I have written more extensively about this transformation in previous articles (see the June 2015 issue of Israel Today, page 22).

Over the past week, more than nine terror attacks have been carried out by Palestinian terrorists against Israelis. This wave of terror began just after Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas delivered his speech before the United Nations.

My heart bled when I heard the terrible news of the first attack, in which Palestinian terrorists assaulted an Israeli family and murdered the parents in front of their young children.

My sorrow was deep and real, but the thing that shocked me most was the lack of any condemnation of this barbaric crime from the Palestinian side. In fact, most people here rejoice in the murder of Jews, and celebrated this deadly attack.

But their reaction was much different when Israel responded by killing the terrorist responsible. Suddenly, Palestinians began demanding justice against the “racist” Israelis.

And then the news begins to lie to the people, who are told that these terrorists who were shot by the Israelis weren’t really trying to stab anyone. They are told that the Israelis invented stories about the attacks, that the Palestinians who were shot weren’t really armed, and that the Jews killed them simply for being Arabs.

The media’s publishing of these false accounts sadly transforms them into a kind of pseudo truth. Please do not allow such lies to influence your thinking. Use your brain and seek out true justice.

I know that my words are simple. I am just one person who has for years been living under these chains of hatred and lies. But God set me free, and I feel a calling to share the truth with the world.


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