In Tel-Aviv, Women Run the World David Lazarus

In Tel-Aviv, Women Run the World

Israel’s commitment to women’s rights, which stands in stark contrast to neighboring Muslim states, was on full display


That was the theme of the recent women’s race through the streets of Tel Aviv. Thousands of women from across the country came together to run in a show of support for Israel’s mothers and daughters, and even some grandmothers who participated! 

Israel Today caught up with Moriel, a young mother who came to run with her four-month-old baby girl. “It was amazing to feel that the city of Tel Aviv closed off all the streets just for us in order to encourage and honor women,” she said. “It was absolutely empowering to run with all these women.”

She continued by noting that “we are surrounded by countries that oppress women. But here in Israel, not only do we not oppress women, here we have events like this to help lift up and encourage women. It really meant a lot to me.”

Watching from the sidelines, everyone could see that the event, indeed, meant a lot to all the women runners. They came across the finish line sweating, but smiling to cheers,…