Israeli Arabs protest the spread of violence in their communities David Cohen/Flash90

Insider View: Arab-on-Arab Violence in Israel

Israel Today speaks with a native of Nazareth, a proud Israeli Arab, about what can be done to stop the killing his town and others


Storefronts are shattered with bullet holes, candles light memorials at intersections, funeral marches and thousands of demonstrators fill the streets almost daily protesting the violence that continues to spread through Arab towns and villages across the country. The murder rate in the Arab sector has increased by 50 percent in just the past four years and already this year 38 Arab citizens of Israel have been shot dead, and dozens critically wounded, mostly by unknown assailants from within their own communities.

After a recent shooting in Nazareth, Israel Today sat down with Suliman Sharif, a traditional Muslim and longtime resident of the mixed Arab and Jewish town going back seven generations, to try and understand why Arabs are killing Arabs in Israel.


Israel Today: What is the cause of all these killings?

Suliman Sharif: What is happening is that organized crime is taking over our communities. We have not seen violence like this in Nazareth for a long time and it is part of what is happening around the country. This is organized crime –...


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