Iran Wants Students to Trample Israel Flag. They Refuse

“One by one, the ideologies of the Islamic Revolution are falling.” Israel and Iran are not enemies

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Iran
Demonstrators in Israel stand together with the people of Iran.
Photo: Flash90

PHOTO: Demonstrators in Israel stand together with the people of Iran.

The Islamic regime in Iran wants its people to believe that Israel is, alongside the United States, their greatest and most intractable foe.

But every once in a while evidence leaks out from the oppressed nation suggesting that the Iranian people aren’t buying the lies of the ayatollahs.


The usual suspects

Just days ago, the US assassinated top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani. Tehran threatened broad retaliation, including against Israel. 

Now, Iran finds itself once again in the throw of anti-government protests. The regime is predictably looking to divert attention toward the usual scapegoats.

Always happy to be of service, the regime placed large US and Israeli flags on high-traffic footpaths. That would allow passersby to more conveniently express their hatred for both the Great and the Little Satans without disrupting their daily routine. Multitasking!


Not your enemies

At one Iranian university, most students refused the opportunity to trample the US and Israeli flags.

A video clip posted by Twitter user @mamlekate showed throngs of people very purposefully and respectfully walking around the US and Israeli flags.

The video was retweeted by Israeli believer and social media influencer @HananyaNaftali.

Many people, including Iranians, responded to Hananya’s post. One Iranian student told him that an Israeli flag has similarly been drawn on the ground at her university, but that “most of the student never have stepped on it.”

As @mamlekate noted, the ideologies of the Islamic Revolution “are falling one by one.”

Israel and Iran were once fast friends prior to the rise of the ayatollahs. And many Iranians are well aware that they have no beef with the Jewish state.

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