Yemen militiamen have been persecuting the Baha'i community EPA-EFE/YAHYA ARHAB
Middle East

Iran’s Ongoing Persecution of the Baha’i of Yemen

Yet another religious minority facing Muslim persecution and being almost totally ignored by the international community


The current persecution of of the Baha’i community in Yemen at the hands of the Iranian-backed Houthi militias evokes frightening memories off what the Baha’i community off Iran faced immediately after the Islamic Revolution of 1979.


The Baha’i Faith teaches the essential worth of all religions and unity of all humankind. It has about 5 million adherents worldwide, and its most important pilgrimage site and its ruling body’s headquarters are both in the northern Israel port city of Haifa.

Various human rights groups confirm that the Houthi rebels are increasingly targeting the followers of the Baha’i faith in Yemen, and in the areas they control are prosecuting the Baha’is for purely religious reasons. To better understand what’s happening, this reporter interviewed Yemenis from the Baha’i community to ask them about the Houthi persecution.

Zulekha Saifi, a Baha’i who today lives in Canada, told us that her sister and brothers are still in Yemen and fear Houthi oppression every day. Two of her brothers are among the 24 Baha’is current...


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