MembersIs a Solution to the Political Crisis in Sight?

The country is once again in a political quandary. Neither the right nor the left have the numbers to move forward

By Israel Today Staff |
Photo: Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Photo: Likud supporters after the publication of the first exit polls. Premature celebration?

Israel held its fourth general election in two years on Tuesday. As expected, the turnout was lower than in the three previous elections. However, compared to other elections abroad, where voter turnout fell by an average of 20 percent due to the Corona crisis, just 4 percent fewer took part in Israel. Election day almost made us forget about COVID-19 for a moment. The majority of Israelis spent the day at the beach or out in nature.

A unified unity government

In the last three elections, no viable majority government could be formed. After the third election in 2020, a national unity government including Likud and the center-right party “Blue and White” (Kachol Lavan) was formed. This unity government came about mainly in the shadow of the emerging Corona crisis, which they wanted to overcome together.

The decimated Labor Party also became a coalition partner, while Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu was once again crowned prime minister. Blue and White boss Benny Gantz became Deputy...

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