Is it Terrorism to Attack Soldiers? Israeli TV Host Says ‘No’

Palestinian terror doesn’t discriminate between civilians and soldiers, but some say Israeli law should.

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Terrorism
Is it terrorism when Hamas attacks Israeli soldiers?
Photo: Dudu Greenspan/ Flash90

Veteran Israeli television host Dan Shilon caused a minor uproar when he tweeted last week that a distinction should be made between Palestinian attacks that target civilians, and those that target IDF soldiers.

“On the matter of terrorism, a bit of order,” wrote Shilon.

“When Hamas bombs civilians, when Palestinians stab innocents, bomb buses, launches explosives at civilian communities, this is terrorism,” he continued. “Low, disgusting, painful terrorism.”

However, Shilon added, “When Hamas, or any other organization, hits the military, soldiers, commanders, it’s not terror, it’s war. Painful, dirty, disgusting, but legitimate.”

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