MembersIs Modern Science Undermining Faith?

God has placed an extraordinary opportunity in our hands, both Jews and Christians. We must appreciate the extent to which modern science has made His word accessible to all mankind.

By David Lazarus | | Topics: Tech & Tradition
Exploring the Bible in light of modern science
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Understanding the relationship between science and the Bible is one of the most important issues facing Jews and Christians in today’s hyper-rationalistic secular world. Rabbi Chaim Eisen, who holds degrees in philosophy and biophysics, talks with Israel Today about genuine and honest faith in the God of Israel in the modern scientific world.


Israel Today: What about the Theory of Evolution?

Rabbi Eisen: When we speak of evolution as an all-powerful force, that is no longer science, but making science into a religion. Evolution is essentially a description of a process. The question is, “Who is the author of that process?”

Evolution is merely one of innumerable mechanisms through which God is revealed. If we determine that evolution is sovereign – that this is how the world came into being – then God is not sovereign and that is irreconcilable with faith. Science cannot “observe” that evolution is sovereign – science can only observe the process and evolution is only a process.

As to the idea that man evolved from lower forms of life, we...

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