Israel Declares End to Corona Crisis

Nearly all social distancing and other preventative restrictions lifted as infection rates plummet almost to zero

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Israel declares end to Corona crisis
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While the virus is of course not eradicated, Israel on Tuesday effectively declared an end to the COVID-19 crisis by lifting nearly all social distancing and other preventative measures.

The guidelines for social distancing and protective measures, including the “Green Passport” and other certifications, have been abolished, and there is no longer a restriction on the size of crowds at mass events.

Entry into public venues will be allowed to anyone, including children and adults who are not vaccinated, in all places such as hotels, restaurants, halls and event gardens, and sports stadiums.

The requirement for wearing masks in public closed spaces still remains and will be reviewed in the coming weeks.

The Ministry of Health stated that “this decision was made against the background of the low morbidity data and the continuing downward trend in all indices that has continued over the past few weeks.”

“In light of these trends, the relief phases in the Corona restrictions continue to advance, bringing life in Israel closer to a state of a complete routine,” the ministry added.

Movie theaters in Israel reopened last week after being closed for the past 14 months.

Restricted tourism

The only big restrictions that remain pertain to preventing new variants of COVID-19 from entering the country.

Israel will this month open up again to tourism, but on a limited scale so that the Ministry of Health can closely monitor those groups that are granted entry.

If the month of June passes with no major fresh outbreaks of COVID-19, then in July Israel is supposed to open up to individual foreign travelers, as well.

Israelis are already permitted to travel abroad, but depending on which countries they visit might have to go into a short quarantine upon their return to the Jewish state.

Ignoring doomsday warnings, most Israelis lined up to be vaccinated.

Miraculous improvement

The almost miraculous improvement in Israel’s situation vis-à-vis the coronavirus is attributed to its success to rapidly vaccinate its population.

Some 85% of Israelis over the age of 16 have received a COVID-19 vaccine.

Over 5,450,00 Israeli citizens have received the first vaccine, some 58% of the entire population, and more than 5,131,000, about 55% have received the second shot.

The Ministry of Health updated Monday that it documented only four new COVID-19 cases over the past day.

Of the 22,360 tests done over the past day, 0% returned positive.

49 of the patients hospitalized with Corona are in serious condition, 36 of them are on life support. The numbers have been steadily dropping. Most Corona wards in Israeli hospitals have been closed.

6,412 Israelis have died of the virus.


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