Israel: Gaza civilian death toll is ‘historically low’

Israel is doing something no other nation ever has, and in a good way. But no one cares, because everyone hates the Jews.

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: Gaza, United Nations
The IDF has achieved an unprecedentedly-low civilian-to-combatant casualty ratio in the Gaza war. Photo by Flash90
The IDF has achieved an unprecedentedly-low civilian-to-combatant casualty ratio in the Gaza war. Photo by Flash90

Not only is it not a genocide, as so many are loosely claiming, the civilian death toll in Gaza during the current conflict is historically low, thanks to unprecedented efforts by Israel, stated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“What Israel has done is take the effort to minimize civilian casualties as no other army has done,” Netanyahu said in an interview this week with US political analyst Dan Senor. “We use leaflets, we use millions of text messages, phone calls. We actually call the people, give up the benefit of surprise, tell them: ‘Get out of the way. Get out of the war zone so that we can accomplish our military objectives while you’re in a safe place.'”

Whatever the true number of Gaza deaths, the Israeli government says that at least 14,000 of them are Hamas terrorists. According to all estimates, that is nearly, if not more than half of the overall death toll. That would be an unheard of civilian-to-combatant death toll ratio for urban warfare in the modern age.

“Israel is setting the new gold standard for urban warfare with what appears to be the lowest civilian-to-combatant casualty ratio in history,” stressed government spokesman Avi Hyman.

That assessment was corroborated by Maj. (ret.) John Spencer, an expert on urban warfare at the United States Military Academy (West Point). In an in-depth article for Newsweek, Spencer also stated that the IDF had established a new “gold standard” for urban warfare, and lamented that rather than applaud Israel for this effort, the international community was condemning it.


UN finally comes clean, sort of

The evidence-based refutal of the “genocide” accusations has compelled even the overtly biased United Nations leadership to admit it got the numbers wrong.

For most of the war, the UN has parroted Hamas’s assertion that the vast majority of casualties in Gaza have been civilians, and most of them women and children. But earlier this week, Farhan Haq, deputy spokesman for UN Secretary-General António Guterres, acknowledged that the figures had overcounted the number of women and children killed in the conflict by a staggering 42 percent. When pressed as to how the UN could get things so wrong for so long, thus fueling a hateful and harmful narrative that led to riots and street violence around the world, Haq stuttered something about the “fog of war.” No apology for having taken terrorists at their word.

Their excuses notwithstanding, the UN once again faced fierce criticism over its position on and role in the Gaza war.


A little perspective, please

It’s not that a lot of people haven’t died in Gaza. They have, and that’s tragic. But focusing solely on that detail misses the point and ignores the truth of the situation.

Israel doesn’t want to be at war. But this is a war of necessity. October 7 made clear to every Israeli that the Iran-backed jihadist war machine really does intend to wipe out the Jewish state, and to do so in the most brutal manner possible. Taking one of Iran’s pieces off the board (the Hamas army in Gaza) is now an imperative.

And contrary to the charges of her detractors, Israel is not exploiting the situation to wipe out the Palestinians, despite the fact that the majority of them oppose Israel’s existence and support groups like Hamas. If Israel really were bent on genocide, then there’d be little to worry about, because it would have to be the worst practitioner of genocide in history. Given Gaza’s dense urban layout and the enormous amount of ordinance the IDF has deployed there, Israel could have easily killed hundreds of thousands, if not a million Gazans by now.

Israel instead has retained her humanity, even after the savagery of October 7, and is doing more than any nation ever to kill as few of the enemy population as possible, while still achieving the necessary goals of the war. Which is why, as British commentator Douglas Murray correctly pointed out, the scale of the Gaza conflict and the death toll there after seven months aren’t even regionally remarkable, let alone an unprecedented global catastrophe.

But the facts haven’t stopped a great many from turning against Israel. Because the world hates the Jews. Because the world hates God.


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