Israel Sees Another War With Hezbollah Soon

Military officials say Lebanese terrorist militia increasingly bold, will try to infiltrate northern Israel towns in next war

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Israel’s next war is likely to be fought against Lebanon’s Hezbollah terrorist militia, according to Israeli military sources who spoke to the Walla news portal.

The sources cited Hezbollah’s increasing boldness of late, pointing in particular to the fact that armed terrorists now openly patrol and monitor the border region. Hezbollah gunmen also walk the streets of southern Lebanon, unconcerned by the presence of the Lebanese Army or UN peacekeepers.

In addition to using its large arsenal of medium and long-range missiles, the sources believe the next war with Hezbollah will see small teams of terrorists infiltrate northern Israel and briefly occupy border towns, possibly with horrific loss of life.

The terms of the UN resolution that ended the last Lebanon war in 2006 demanded the disarming of Hezbollah and other militias in Lebanon. Those terms were never met, and in fact Hezbollah is stronger today than it was at that time.

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