Israel Still Loves Trump, Even if the World Doesn’t

As usual, the Jewish state is an anomaly as new survey reveals it to be the one foreign nation that prefers Trump over Biden.

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Trump, Biden
Trump is more favored than Biden in only one other country - Israel.

The Pew Research Institute last week carried out a survey among citizens of 18 countries to gauge current attitudes amidst the ongoing showdown between US-led NATO and Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Between the lines, it revealed some interesting things about how Israelis see American presidents very differently than anyone else.

The 18 nations were unsurprisingly negative toward Putin and mostly positive toward the US and NATO.

As for President Joe Biden, confidence among all nations was dipping, but still much higher than attitudes toward his predecessor, Donald Trump.

Except in one country… Israel.

In every other country surveyed, Trump had abysmal ratings when this poll was carried out in 2019. But 71% of Israelis had expressed confidence in him.

By contrast, even with his recent precipitous drop, Biden is still in 2022 viewed positively by over 60 percent of respondents in all participating countries, including Israel.

Israel, however, is the only country where Trump ranked higher than Biden.

Israelis see Trump as the facilitator of peace with important Middle East countries like the United Arab Emirates, and remain thankful for his willingness to buck traditional US foreign policy by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state.

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