Israel Wants More Muslim Cops

Campaign has seen a near 300 percent increase in the number of Muslims applying for public service

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The Israel Police have been running a determined campaign to recruit more Muslim Arab officers.

Officials previously stated their intention of adding hundreds of additional Muslim Arab officers to the force over the next five years. Currently, Muslim Arabs make up less than 2 percent of the police force in Israel.

Efforts to increase Muslim Arab participation in public service and safety are vociferously opposed by Muslim Arab Members of Knesset, who, ironically, accuse Israel of being racist.

But the campaign seems to be working. There has been a nearly 300 percent increase in the number of resumes submitted by Muslims wanting to join the police this year.

“We are witnesses to a wave of interest amongst the Muslim population to join the police. We are seeing a shift in this population segment and we are focusing on absorbing these new officers in the most efficient way possible,” Cdr. Amir Ratzon, the director of the Manpower Directorate, told Israel’s Ynet news portal.

PHOTO: Gen. Jamal Hakrush recently became the first Muslim Arab Israeli appointed to the position of Deputy Police Commissioner.

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