MembersIsrael Was Established Because Europe Wanted to Kick Out Its Jews

Every year, the Palestinian Authority marks the anniversary of the publication of the Balfour Declaration by disparaging the British Empire for promising the Jewish people a restored national home in the Middle East.

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: arab press
Palestinian Authority
Photo: Flash90

Already, this speaks volumes about why Israel and the Palestinians remain unable to reach a genuine peace agreement. More worrying is how the Palestinian Authority (PA) apparently intends to perpetuate such attitudes, and the subsequent lack of peace, by rewriting history and indoctrinating future generations with its “alternative facts.”

A “documentary” on Balfour produced by PA TV was enthusiastically shared on social media by Palestinian Authority Minister of Education Sabri Saidam. In it, Palestinians are informed that Britain issued the Balfour Declaration in service to the rest of Europe, which “was sick of the behavior of the Jews at the time, and therefore it planned to get rid of them.”

Those familiar with the true history of the Balfour Declaration know that it came from an understanding of Israel’s promised restoration, at a time when biblical prophecy could still openly sway government policy.

The Palestinian film’s narrator continued his evisceration of Jewish history in this...

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