MembersArabs Now Dislike Their Leaders More Than They Hate Israel

That is the reason Middle East Arabs believe Dr. Edy Cohen, an Israeli Jew, more than their own Muslim leaders

By David Lazarus | | Topics: arab press
Edy Cohen on Al Jazeera.
Photo: Screenshot

PHOTO: Israel Today correspondent Edy Cohen lays some truth on his Al Jazeera interviewer.

Israel Today correspondent Dr. Edy Cohen is causing “good trouble” for the Arabs. With a last name that couldn’t get any more Jewish, Cohen speaks fluent Arabic and has piqued the curiosity of millions of Muslims around the Middle East who want to hear from an Israeli Jew that talks to them about the real problems in their countries, and about the great Jewish State where he lives.

Cohen’s no-nonsense approach of telling the Arabs straight to their faces in their own language what their real problems are has touched a nerve among the millions of Muslims who have no other access to uncensored information. Cohen has become a regular guest on the most popular Arabic-language television stations, where he warns them that their constant warmongering against Israel and “Palestinian propaganda” are only making their social and financial troubles worse. He shows them unabashedly with facts, videos and convincing arguments that their own corrupt leadership is the root of their problems,...

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