Israeli Anchor Rips ‘Pathetic’ Left for Mourning Soleimani

“So you hate Trump, but have you no limits? A modern-day Hitler was killed, and you complain?”

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Soleimani
Soleimani was no saint, and his elimination made the region safer
Photo: Majdi Fathi/TPS

Hollywood again demonstrated its ignorance when leading Tinseltown personalities publicly mourned the successful assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

This while most of the Arab Middle East, which had suffered terribly as a result of the Persian jihadist’s schemes, celebrated his demise.

Hollywood liberals obviously have little clue about the realities of the situation. They just don’t like President Trump, and so anything he does is automatically a blight on all humanity.

A similar situation exists in Israel, even if it’s less pronounced. 

But when it came to allowing partisan politics to whitewash a blood-soaked killer and delegitimize his assassination, at least one Israeli news anchor was finally fed-up.

“Enough!” shouted Channel 12 News senior analyst Ehud Ya’ari in response to left-wing criticism of the American action. “Your interpretations are pathetic and infuriating. So you are leftists, and you hate Trump and Netanyahu, but have you no limits? A modern-day Hitler was eliminated yesterday and you are complaining about it? At least half of the people today understand that you have lost every bit of relevance you may have still had.”

Ya’ari, who is an expert on Middle East and Arab affairs, noted that in addition to terrorizing the Sunni Arab world, Soleimani was “the most dangerous enemy for the State of Israel since the War of Independence.”

But those inconvenient facts matter little to those determined to politicize every move made by democratically-elected leaders with whom they disagree. 

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