Israeli Lawmakers Still Can’t Freely Visit Israel’s Holiest Site

Is the Temple Mount truly in Israel’s hands? Israel prides itself on religious freedom, but Jews still can’t visit their holiest site

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Israel is a country that prides itself on the level of religious freedom enjoyed by all citizens, regardless of race or creed. Especially given the religious oppression and suppression prevalent in the nations surrounding her.

But there's still one group in the Jewish state that suffers under a severe restriction on its religious expression – the Jewish people.

In its exaggerated efforts to be sensitive to the whims of every other group, Israel still forbids Jews to freely visit their most sacred site, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

This can be most readily seen in the absurd restrictions placed on Members of Knesset who wish to ascend Judaism's holiest site.

Because Muslims also claim the site, and currently have two mosques situated where the Temple once stood, Israeli MKs can only visit the Temple Mount once every three months, must coordinate such visits with the Israel Police at least 24 hours in advance, may not speak to anyone (especially the media) while atop the holy plateau, and most certainly must not pray, even silently.

Any violation of these regulations is seen as some kind of justification for a violent Muslim outburst.

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