MembersIsraeli Report: Europe Can No Longer Defend Itself

Europe has become a second-class player when it comes to global military strategy.

By Yossi Aloni |
THE WORLD’S POLICEMAN Without America’s help, European security is vulnerab Photo: Arno Burgi/AP Images

The states making up the European Union retain the authority to take military action, but are unable to execute independently from one another or without the help of the United States. The technical ability of these states to work together is very limited. As a result, Europe today is unable to protect itself from a direct military attack.


That was the conclusion of a declassified report by the Center for Political Research at Israel’s Foreign Ministry. The center is one of three bodies—including IDF Military Intelligence and the Mossad spy agency—that assess foreign military capabilities.


The document is a summary of a series of discussions among senior Foreign Ministry officials. The bleak conclusion is that in trying to eradicate war on the continent, Europe has become militarily impotent and is no longer capable of defending itself.


At the same time, public opinion in Europe is increasingly concerned with rising terrorism and a belligerent...

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