MembersIsraelis Don’t Like Their Leaders, But What’s the Alternative?

If Israel goes to another early election, who would sit with whom? And is there any chance of unseating Bibi?

By Ryan Jones | | Topics: Benjamin Netanyahu
Photo: Flash90

Whether or not the current coalition crisis leads to the dissolution of the Knesset, the vast majority of Israelis are certain they will be going to the polls again within six months. The problem: There’s no one else to vote for besides those who got the country into its current mess.

In other words, even if Israel goes to its fourth election in less than two years, the next Knesset is expected to look very much like the current Knesset.

Even so, a new public opinion poll shows that a 48 percent plurality of Israelis do support new elections, while 83 percent say it’s going to happen whether they like it or not. The reason has everything to do with growing public disappointment in the two men leading the country: Benjamin Netanyahu and Benny Gantz.

Conducted by the Midgam Institute on behalf of the Israel Democracy Institute, the survey found that a full 62 percent of Israelis rate Netanyahu as having low or very low credibility. His number 2, Defense Minister Gantz, didn’t fare much better, with 60...

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