MembersIsraelis Help Palestinian Boy Seek Miracle

Israel Today has featured the work of the Israeli NGO Road to Recovery (see March 2016 issue) that brings Palestinian children and youth in dire need of medical treatment to Israeli hospitals.

By Esti Eliraz & Ryan Jones |
EQUAL TREATMENT Palestinians in an Israeli hospital Photo: Road to Recovery

This organization is but one example of how Israel cares for and even loves its enemies, contrary to portrayals of the conflict in the international media.


Periodically, we will highlight additional young Palestinians assisted by Road to Recovery as a reminder that there is far more going on in the Holy Land than what is being reported.

So meet 17-year-old Yusuf Salameh who, likely as a result of his parents being close blood relations, was born with the genetic condition known as thalassemia, which prevents the blood from properly absorbing iron. In order to survive, Yusuf requires a blood transfusion every three weeks, which he currently receives at Rambam Medical Center in the northern port city of Haifa.


Those suffering from thalassemia are not expected to live past adolescence without a bone marrow transplant. But so far, efforts to find a genetic match for Yusuf have failed, even among his three healthy siblings.


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