Jerusalem rally will demand Gaza war continue until victory

IDF reservists say they fear this Gaza war will end like all those before it, and urge the government to let them achieve victory.

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Gaza, Hamas
Victory in Gaza is within reach, but the IDF needs the government to untie its hands. Credit: IDF Spokesperson
Victory in Gaza is within reach, but the IDF needs the government to untie its hands. Credit: IDF Spokesperson

The vast majority of Israelis remain dedicated to making war on Hamas-ruled Gaza until the conditions of victory as originally laid out by the political leadership are met. Those conditions are the return of all the hostages and the destruction of Hamas, meaning the elimination of the group’s leadership and the irreversible crippling of its ability to militarily threaten Israel.

But those goals appear to now be in jeopardy as international pressure grows for a cessation of hostilities in Gaza, or at least a serious reduction in Israeli military operations. Some Israelis are even joining calls for a ceasefire, and War Cabinet minister Gadi Eisenkot doesn’t think Israel can win the war.

IDF reservists disagree. They’ve been on the ground in Gaza, and they say victory is within reach, if only the political echelon would disregard world pressure and untie their hands.

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A group of IDF reservists and families of hostages still held in Gaza has been marching from the Gaza border to Jerusalem over the past several days. Tomorrow (Thursday), a large rally is planned at the government compound in the capital, to demand that Israel not halt the Gaza war until the enemy is fully and truly defeated, and security is restored to the citizens of Israel.

On a crowdfunding page set up by the protesters, they write:

“We, hundreds of reservists who were released after about 100 days of fighting in the Gaza Strip and on the Lebanese border, instead of returning to our families, our children to our businesses, went out into the streets to fight the real war for the future of [Israel].

“We set up encampments in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and the south with a call not to stop the fighting until the enemy is defeated.

“On Thursday, February 8, together with bereaved families, residents of the south and citizens from all over the country, we will hold a victory rally in front of the government compound in which we will demand a clear decision [to continue] the war…

“On October 7, we left everything and went out to fight against a cruel Nazi enemy that murdered old women and children.

“We thought that this time things would be different, [that we were fighting] a war for our independence. We fear that the Iron Swords War will end like previous rounds. Ending the war without exacting a heavy price from the enemy endangers the security of the country, not only for the residents of the south, but also for the residents of the north.”

The group is urging Israelis from across the country to ignore international pressure, put Israeli security first, and join the demonstration to show the government and the world that this is a turning point, that things will not return to how they previously were.