Jewish Seminary Student Found Stabbed to Death

Youth had also recently been inducted into the IDF, and is being treated as a fallen soldier

By Dov Eilon | | Topics: Terrorism
Photo: Gershon Elinson / Flash90

A 19-year-old Israeli student was found stabbed to death near the Etzion Bloc of Jewish settlements south of Bethlehem early Thursday morning.

Dvir Sorek was a student at a yeshiva in the Migdal Oz settlement, and as part of a special program for religious youth known as hesder, he had also recently been inducted into the IDF.

Israeli authorities believe the killing was an act of Palestinian terrorism, and noted that the evidence suggested Sorek had been abducted and murdered elsewhere, before being dumped outside the Jewish settlement.

Thought Sorek was not in uniform, and had yet to undergo any military training, he is being considered a “fallen soldier.” A massive manhunt for his killer or killers is underway.

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