We are all aware that we live in a world of opposites.

Photo: Israel Today

To see the light we need to know the darkness. To have courage we need to experience fear. And so it is with joy—to feel and embrace it one must also understand sadness.


Sadness is a reality one cannot ignore, but if we confront and internalize it, we will learn how to live in joy and dispel unhappiness. This does not mean that sadness will not emerge again, but as we identify and overcome it, it will diminish and eventually disappear. 


By the same measure that we learn to manage sadness we will learn to manage joy. And by controlling the tension between these two extremes, we alone can decide which will emerge on top.


There are two kinds of joy, one hollow and the other deep, and both are important.


Hollow joy comes from external things: buying something new, celebrating, having fun with friends,...

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