Kuwait’s Quirky Antisemitism Continues Unabated

And in spite of Palestinian support for Kuwait’s arch-enemy

Photo: Pixabay

The Speaker of the Kuwait Parliament is once again attacking Israel, this time during the annual meeting of the International Parliamentary Union (IPU), currently taking place in Indonesia.

For many years now, on every possible stage, indirectly and directly, publicly and secretly, Kuwait has been trying to harm the State of Israel and Jews all over the world.

And it goes beyond the traditional Muslim anti-Israel stance.

Kuwait established and funded the Palestinian Authority (PA), EVEN THOUGH the Palestinians supported their enemy, Saddam Hussein, whose army attacked and captured Kuwait in 1990. Without going into detail – in the 1990s, Yasser Arafat supported Saddam Hussein when the latter conquered Kuwait. In response, Kuwait expelled 400,000 Palestinians living in its territory. Today there are not many Palestinians still living in Kuwait. Yet, despite Palestinian support of Kuwait’s enemy, and despite the dozens of statues of Saddam Hussein in the Palestinian-controlled territories, Kuwait considers it a moral obligation to fight Israel.

The video before you was filmed in recent days in Indonesia during the annual meeting of the chairmen of the IPU International Parliamentary Union – an international institution that includes the parliaments of the whole world including Kuwait and Israel.

In this video, the Speaker of the Kuwait Parliament, Marzouq Al-Ghanim, attacks Israel as he does every year. This time, he wants to expel the Israeli delegation even before the expulsion of the Russian delegation. Marzouq Al-Ghanim is known for his antisemitic and anti-Israel rhetoric. In the past, he even caused the head of the Israeli delegation, Nachman Shai, to be removed from the same annual meeting.

Marzouq has been repeatedly elected, and has became very popular in Arab countries as a result of his hostility against us. Unfortunately, most of the Israeli authorities can’t find an appropriate response that will silence him.

In 2018, as a sign of appreciation, Marzouq Al-Ghanim received a street named after him in the Palestinian territories – a street in the Salfit area near Nablus – in the middle of nowhere.

By contrast, in Kuwait Marzouq has lost popularity and what he is doing to regain standing is to double down on his strategy of attacking Israel verbally.

Israel Today has published many articles on the antisemitism of Kuwait:

Of all the Arab states of the Persian Gulf, Kuwait is considered the most hostile toward Israel due in part to the anti-Israel stances of local leaders like Al-Ghanim. But take note that Al-Ghanim is not really interested in the Palestinian issue. His words should be taken with a grain of salt since Kuwait has more reason to hate Palestinians than perhaps any other Arab state, as we saw at the beginning of the article.

The Abraham Accords have caused a transformation in the political thinking of the Gulf peoples:

  • The United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have peace agreements with Israel.
  • Qatar has good relations with Israel (on the pretext that it is doing so to help Hamas).
  • A few years ago, Oman hosted Benjamin Netanyahu in public, and she has long had secret ties with the Jewish state.
  • In a recent interview with American media, the Saudi crown prince said openly that he does not view Israel as an enemy.

The conclusion is that Kuwait remains the last country in the region to fight Israel. While the other countries now have relations with Israel – some official and some under the table. Kuwait increasingly finds itself standing alone as the rest of the Gulf strives for peace.

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