MembersLieberman Appointment Raises Alarm in Arab World

Israel’s ultra-nationalist new Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has vowed to bring order and security to the region.

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Enemies of the Jewish state worry about how he might accomplish that, having threatened in the past to topple Hamas in Gaza and bomb Egypt’s Aswan Dam.


Lieberman’s appointment has been heavily criticized in the Israeli and international media. Israel Today spoke to Middle East-based experts to see how the Arab world perceives this controversial politician.


Israel Today: Is Lieberman considered a threat in the Arab Muslim world?


Dr. N. Joseph, a Beirut-based political analyst: Lebanon and the Palestinians definitely consider him a threat. However, countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar are less fearful of him. It is a known fact that they maintain good relations with Israel and are supportive of right-wing extremist politicians. One thing is for sure: Lieberman’s appointment spells more trouble for the Palestinians.

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