MembersHerodian and King Herod in the Days of Jesus. An Israel Today Virtual Tour

Join us and get an eagle-eye view of the people and history changing events around the birth of the Messiah on that first Christmas.

By Israel Today Staff |
People tour at the Herodion site where Israeli archaeologists found King Herod's tomb on March 07.2021. Photo: Yossi Zamir Flash90

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Who is Herod the Great?

Only a select few leaders throughout history are officially called “The Great,” and the Bible’s Herod the Great is among them.

Herod (circa 74 to 4 B.C.), of Edomite descent, was appointed by the Romans to be King of the Jews, though throughout his lifetime he gained other nicknames, famously “Herod the Builder,” and frighteningly “Herod the Killer of Innocents.”

We all remember his monstrous Christmas edict when he tried to kill baby Jesus and, when he couldn’t find him, killed every infant in Bethlehem.

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