Make Israel Great Again: Israel as a Spiritual Force in the World Chen Leopold/Flash90

Make Israel Great Again: Israel as a Spiritual Force in the World

What in the world is happening with Middle East nations lining up to secure strategic alliances with the Jewish State? My answer should come as a surprise.


History can teach us what will happen.

The modern State of Israel is the third commonwealth to be established on God’s Holy Land. The first was when Joshua conquered Canaan. The second when King Cyrus of Persia gave an edict for the Jews to return to their land which culminated in the Maccabean state.

Each time the story is the same. An oppressed Jewish minority living in exile among enemy peoples comes back to build a home for itself, but not only for itself. Each time the people of Israel rebuilt their lives in their ancient homeland it has captured the imagination of Jews and Gentiles around the world.

The Jewish homeland built on and inspired by the moral and ethical principles of Moses and the Prophets, and a restored people confident again in their calling and destiny, is an inspiration to the world, whether or not they acknowledge it.

Perhaps the greatest long-term danger of the persecutions suffered by Jews and Judaism in exile was not the decimation of our numbers, but the injury to Jewish...


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