MembersMansour Abbas: Is He the Real Deal?

Has the anti-Israel Islamist changed his stripes, or should Netanyahu beware?

| Topics: Elections, Mansour Abbas
Mansour Abbas
Photo: Flash90

The last election shows that Israeli Muslims are not all Palestinian nationalists, and that their traditional leadership does not represent all those who want to identify as Israelis rather than Palestinians. Until today the vast majority of Israeli Jews still refuse to see the Arab political parties as legitimate, not because they are Arabs or Muslims, but because these parties are against the Jewish state.

Contrary to what CNN, the BBC, The New York Times, The Guardian and others would have you believe, the ongoing Israeli-Arab conflict is not racial. It never was and it still isn’t about “white” colonialists victimizing the indigenous people of the land. This false narrative, so widely accepted now, was concocted by the same kind of people who have always resented the big idea that goes by the name “Israel.” Today, the same kind of people are cloaking their antisemitism in the garbs of human rights, equality, social justice, racial justice, and the rest of the new bag of “Woke” values, and for this are honored guests in the world’s halls of power and fame.

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