Messianic and Christian counseling is more necessary than ever. Illustration - Hadas Parush/Flash90

Taboo Topics for Messianic Jews in Israel

Many churches and synagogues ignore these problems, leaving the victims to suffer in silence and shame


Do followers of Yeshua (Jesus) suffer from suicide, domestic violence, pedophilia and spiritual abuse? Most Christians hate to admit it, but even among the most conservative Evangelical churches these problems occur, and more often than some like to believe, while proper Christian counseling is difficult to find.

A new initiative within the Messianic Jewish community in Israel is beginning to take a look at these hard topics that are coming up as the numbers of Jews coming to faith in Yeshua increase. (image) Lena Levin

Israel Today spoke with Lena Levin, the Founder and CEO of Machaseh, a family crisis center in the heart of Jerusalem that initiated what she calls the “Taboo Forum.”

“Pastors and elders in the Messianic congregations in Israel just don’t talk about these issues,” Levin said. “If we are not willing to discuss these hard topics, how can people get the kind of help they need?” she wonders.

Does suicide lead to hell?

There are a…