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“European funding of terrorist organizations via human rights organizations show that something is going seriously wrong.”

By Aviel Schneider | | Topics: Terrorism, Europe
Photo: Flash90

The founder of NGO Monitor, Professor Gerald Steinberg, recalls a briefing that he gave to a delegation from the European Parliament years ago. The topic was EU funding of Palestinian and Israeli movements for human rights, peace and humanitarian aid, all good causes. “Before I said anything, the EU ambassador interrupted me. He warned that I shouldn’t publish any secrets. He changed color when I presented him with documents from various organizations with the EU emblem. Indeed, the close ties that Europeans have with leaders in the Israeli and Palestinian human rights industries have been classified, like nuclear weapons. ”

Since 2014, European countries have transferred at least 200 million euros to such movements, 40 million of which comes directly from EU funds. “That’s just what we know and can prove. In practice, much more money was likely sent through intermediaries and indirect channels through unregistered collaborations,” Steinberg continued. When Israel’s internal security service, Shin Bet, discovered that the Palestinian “Health Services Union” was channeling EU funds to terrorist groups, the EU could...

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