Muslim visions of Jesus: Light dawns on those dwelling in darkness

Ali, a man from Gaza, says it was the stark contrast between the IDF and Hamas that opened his heart to faith in Jesus.

By Israel Today Staff | | Topics: Islam, Jesus
Muslim visions of Jesus are defeating the Islamic agenda, including its goal of destroying Israel.
Muslim visions of Jesus are defeating the Islamic agenda, including its goal of destroying Israel. Photo: Mary's Photos/Pixabay

Have you ever had a dream of a shining divine figure?

Well, it turns out that multitudes of Israel’s Muslim neighbors in over a dozen Muslim nations have been having dreams and visions like this. From Jordan all the way east to Iran and beyond, and westward as well. Some estimate the number of such dreams in the millions over the last few decades!

Under the radar, at the grassroots level, often without any connection to Christians, Issa (“Yeshua” in Arabic) is being miraculously, sovereignly revealed in dreams and visions, to men and women living in lands covered by the shadow of death, crying out under the cruel masters of Islam (Is. 9:2 & 19:4). Pastor Tom Doyle and his wife Joann spent years serving in several of these nations. They compiled amazing documentary stories of a representative “sample” of 20 Muslims whose lives have been disrupted by repeated visitations of this nature. Often these Muslims have recurring dreams like this, night after night or week after week, for months. The dreams set the “dreamer” on a journey, a path toward discovering peace and faith in the Messiah from Nazareth.

See also our recent interview with Iranian activist and author Marziyeh Amirizadeh: “Christians Must Stand Up,” Former Iranian Prisoner Tells Israel Today

But how can one be confident that the dreams are supernatural, and not just the normal random type?

In many Muslim families and communities, it is inconceivably shameful and blasphemous that anyone who grew up Muslim should become a believer in Yeshua as THE prophet and the Messiah Son of God. Their response to this “heresy,” if it becomes known, can include ostracism, threats and even death. Therefore, the fact that these new believers are so soon willing to risk death for their new faith, indicates that these are not regular dreams.


The rest of the story

Tom Doyle asks if, while we have been busy hearing of the horrors of Muslim terrorism, an even bigger story is building:

“Could it be the real story about Muslims is that Jesus is reaching out to them with His offer of eternal life earned by His death on the cross and resurrection from the dead? … the enemy thinks that if he can make the rest of us afraid of Muslims or make us hate them, then he can short-circuit Jesus’ church from reaching Muslims. But that isn’t working. Jesus has stepped in and is opening Muslim hearts Himself.” (pg xv)

Doyle continues to tell about these “dreamers.”

“Each one recounted a powerful, gentle Person who overwhelmed him or her, not with unendurable shame as the Muslim leaders did, but with a pure love that reached deep inside.” (pg 58)

The Pakistani-Muslim aristocratic woman Bilquis Sheikh had two dreams that figured prominently in her testimony of coming to faith in Jesus (which eventually forced her to flee her homeland).

Similarly, Nabeel Qureshi had three highly symbolic dreams within the context of his Muslim upbringing, beckoning him to follow the Messiah. He wrestled over the dreams for months before deciding to follow Jesus no matter the cost. His book is Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.


Martyr’s last minute poem

Doyle tells about a young woman named Fatima in Buraydah, Saudi Arabia who came to faith in Yeshua partially as a result of dreams. She wrote a poem the day she was martyred, when she understood she was about to pay the ultimate price for her newfound faith and peace:

“We left Muhammad, and we are no longer on his path. We follow Jesus the Messiah, the clear truth. And truly we love our homeland, and we are not traitors. We take pride that we are Saudi citizens… Enough – your swords do not concern me, nor evil, nor disgrace. Your threats do not trouble me, and we are not afraid… As to my last words, I pray the Lord of the worlds… spread Love among you, Oh Muslims.” (pg. 61)


Appearance in a Jewish hospital

Doyle writes of Habib, a young Arab man growing up in Bethlehem. He was drawn to Hamas due to his resentment toward Israel, the IDF and the Israeli security wall. But when Habib got critically injured in a dove-hunting accident, he begged his family to take him to the IDF checkpoint where he knew of a kind Israeli soldier who allowed him quickly through and on to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.

Habib’s hatred of Jews started to crumble when the Israeli hospital saved his life despite him being a Palestinian.

In the hospital, Habib had a dream of a shining man who said, “I love you, Habib.” Soon the Bethlehem native came to embrace the Shining One who had also been born in Bethlehem. Habib has since become active in reconciliation between Jews and Arabs.


Disillusioned Gazan

Doyle, who was actually licensed to guide tours in Israel, also spent time in Gaza, where he befriended a young Muslim man named Ali. Ali’s story expresses the disillusionment of millions of Muslims – with their political and religious leaders, with Islam and with their lives. In Ali’s case the “aha” moment happened when he saw the juxtaposition of Hamas with the IDF in the 2009 war in Gaza.

Ali said:

“What made me rethink my direction in life was the war with Israel… [the] IDF took precautions when they prepared to bomb a building. They sent text messages to civilian Palestinians warning them, ‘Please get out immediately for your safety. We are not here to hurt you. We are only after Hamas.’ But Hamas took advantage of the Israeli’s care. They actually trapped people inside so ‘bystanders’ would be killed. They knew reports of the battle would make Israel look bad if civilians died… When I heard firsthand accounts of the brutally self-serving methods Hamas used against Israel – and us! – I could hardly believe it… [The IDF] soldiers were trying to protect Palestinians while Hamas wanted us dead. The Israelis outdid our people in being humane.” (pg 197)

To encourage his friend Ali with hope, Doyle started to tell him stories of Jesus appearing to Muslims around the Middle East. Ali’s response: “I would be honored to have a dream about Jesus.”


Syrian secret policeman gets divinely interrogated

A Syrian believer named Adel tells how he got invited to interrogations often by the secret police, and how one of the secret police following him suddenly brought up dreams of Jesus:

Mohammad had been assigned to follow me… After keeping a discreet distance for several days, Mohammad [the secret policeman] stopped me on the street one day and asked a question no interrogator had ever thrown at me… ‘Why do you think I keep having dreams about Jesus?’ … Mohammad was shaken, I could tell. In most of the encounters, he explained, Jesus asked him questions… He did not know how to answer of course. The one question that haunted him the most was when Jesus asked, ‘Mohammad, why are you persecuting Me?’” [pg 146; in a hotel room in Damascus of all places!]

Are Muslims receiving these special visitations for the very reason that they have received such a bad image due to terrorism? Perhaps it is to offset Arab feelings of shame and rejection that may go all the way back to Ishmael?


Honoring Muslims

Doyle says:

“Muslims have felt shame and dishonor since the time of Muhammad, but they don’t feel shame when Jesus appears to them. It’s quite the opposite. They feel honored that Jesus would come to them. After a visit from Jesus, Muslims, often say things like this:

‘I felt loved on a level like I have never experienced.’
‘I felt safe and protected.’
‘I have never felt such a surge of joy and peace.’” (pg. 132)

What is left but to respond with amazement, as did Simon Peter at the house of the “un-kosher pagan” Roman centurion:

“I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism but accepts men from every nation who fear him and do what is right.” (Acts 10:34-35 NIV)

Those who are searching will find what they seek.

“…for you, O LORD, do not abandon those who search for you.” (Psalm 9:10 NLT)


Rescuing Muslims & defeating Islam?

The further spreading of this phenomenon should be a TOP PRAYER PRIORITY for anyone concerned with the evils being perpetrated by Islam against Christians and against Israel. The more Muslims who are transformed in this way, the better off the whole world will be, and that is especially true for the Middle East and for Israel.

A revival affecting the nearly two billion Muslims in the world would surely help solve several conflicts in the Middle East!

Already these dream-fueled faith movements have touched millions of Muslims. As of yet, they have not yet reached the tipping point of transforming an entire nation’s power structures. But perhaps they will soon.

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the IDF and the Israeli government were to perceive growth among the followers of the Prince of Peace, as a strategic goal helping to defeat violent Islam, and making their job a lot easier?!


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8 responses to “Muslim visions of Jesus: Light dawns on those dwelling in darkness”

  1. Susan says:

    Absolutely wonderful!

  2. Franciscus says:

    Wonderful !
    I have been praying for this for a few years now, in particular I pray for Muslims in Bethlehem, East Jerusalem and Nazareth.
    Please join me in prayer ! !

  3. LarryFreeman says:

    Can’t put Elohim in a box. He deals with every tribe and tongue in His own way. Disappointing though to hear some try to imagine it will help the plight of the Jewish nation. The state of Israel was only established because of the promises of the Bible, but, the country is clearly, dreadfully secularized and religeonized, and sadly the country will undergo a persecution never yet seen (in my oppinion), until they say ” baruch haba beshem Adonai”. Don’t get me wrong I’m all in for the Jewish state to succeed. But never rely on the arm of flesh.

    • psalm100al says:

      I agree Larry, the time of Jacob’s trouble is still to come. Asking the Lord to bless Israel with many to turn to The Lord Jesus Christ, before it’s too late.

  4. Mark Watkins says:


    Yaffah, I’ve been following this for many years with several Ministries with their reports, it is sim’chah t’horah!!! Maranatha

  5. Lois Heal Bright says:

    Thank you for this wonderful article!

  6. Andrew Chislett says:

    “it is inconceivably shameful and blasphemous that anyone who grew up Muslim should become a believer in Yeshua as Messiah”

    This isn’t correct. Muslims believe Jesus is the Messiah. But not the son of God.

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