‘Netanyahu Broke My Heart’

Israel is in heated debate over the fate of two soldiers who went missing in the 2014 Gaza War

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Israel finds itself in the midst of heated debate over the fate of two IDF soldiers who went missing during the 2014 Gaza War and are presumed dead.

Hamas is believed to have the bodies of Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul.

And the families of the two soldiers want them back.

Hadar Goldin’s bereaved mother, Dr. Leah Goldin, had a chance to express as much during a State Comptroller Committee hearing on the comptroller’s report regarding Operation Protective Edge.

“Hamas wanted to kidnap and today they have two soldiers, and the question of whether you will succeed in bringing them back without taking the country down into miserable grief will determine the outcome of Operation Protective Edge,” said Goldin as she hurled criticism at both State Comptroller Yosef Shapira and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Goldin and many other Israelis are upset over the government’s unwillingness to take more drastic measures to retrieve the bodies of the missing soldiers.

Speaking at the session, Netanyahu said, “We are doing everything we can to bring Oron and Hadar back, but there are risks that I am not prepared to take.”

Leah Goldin later told Channel 10 News that “Netanyahu broke my heart. He turned my son from a hero who was sent by him to war, into a debt of a body.”

Goldin said that Israel “must stop being afraid of Hamas. The Gilad Shalit deal led to the fact that terrorist prisoners were returned to Gaza and now they are the ones who control it…We have to change this equation, there is no other way.”

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